Plastic Caps

Plastic Caps are usually used in school Maps, Charts, Wall Calendars and other printed publicity material. It is used as side covers of plastic roller or pipe to hang the calendar.These products are made by high grade plastic raw material to ensure best quality good finishing durability and long lasting performance.
clients Product Code: CP112
Height: 20.7mm
Dimentions :Inner Diameter 14mm
This Product is used for wall Calenders
clients Product Code: CP118
Dimensions: Inner Diameter 18.5 MM
Height 43 MM
This Product is used for calendars
clients Product Code: CP119
Dimensions: Inner Diameter 19MM
Height 18MM.
This Product is used for Maps, Charts and for Calendars
clients Product Code: CP120
Dimensions: Outer Diameter 17 MM
Height 94 MM.
This Product is used for Pointer Knob